The Maryland Salsa Jam

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Our salsa lessons in Baltimore / Annapolis are different from other dance schools in the area. Each component of our salsa sessions (lessons) is focused on strengthing every aspect of salsa dancing such as dance technique, styling, timing, rhythm and musicality. Always looking for ways to make learning how to dance easy and fun. Join our  beginner & experienced Salsa Series and dazzle all your friends with your new Salsa moves.

Express yourself... dance Salsa!!!


 Jesus Obregon

The Maryland Salsa Jam was created in 2008 by Jesus & Nicole Obregon. It started as a way to express our love for salsa and our Latin roots based on the music and dancing. A great combination for a great couple.

Jesus Obregon, originally from Peru, was introduced to salsa dancing 15 years ago and actually took his first salsa lesson in Baltimore, Maryland. Few years later, Jesus met his wife Nicole, dancing at Club One in Charm city. That first encounter sparked a strong connection which led to an energetic and passionate journey into the salsa world. Jesus and Nicole took their passion to the next level and trained with professional instructors from the area and around the world. They attended social events and salsa congresses to learn and experience salsa dancing as an universal language. Jesus and Nicole enjoy teaching and social dancing in the Baltimore as part of their commitment to the salsa community.

In 2010, Jesus Obregon started a new school in the Baltimore area, and created his first dance team "Expresion Latina". He and his team have trained new dancers and performed in social events in the area of Baltimore-Washington-Virginia. 


  Jennifer Hankins

Jennifer has been dancing since 3 years old and was trained in ballet all throughout her youth.  As a professional ballerina she performed with Ballet Theater of Maryland, Nevada Ballet Theater, Joffrey Ballet, Washington Opera, and Baltimore Opera.

  After moving to New York City she found salsa dancing where she joined “Descarga Latina” under the direction of Nelson Flores.  Jennifer performed at the New York Salsa Congress, and the Connecticut Salsa Congress.  Shortly after joining the team she became the sales manager at Stepping Out Studios where she taught weekly salsa and swing classes.  Jennifer’s now resides in Annapolis and performs with Clavekazi in DC. Jennifer is currently exploring West Coast Swing to extend her knowledge of dance


"We started teaching in 2008 at our socials to transmit our energy and passion for salsa.
Our classes are oriented to provide a better understanding of dancing to the music,
educating your body, dancing naturally and feeling confident on the dance floor.
The styles of salsa dancing we enjoy and teach are
salsa on1 (LA Style) and salsa on2 (NY style).
Come and join us!!!"


Mesothelioma Community Resource Network

Maryland Salsa Jam and the Mesothelioma Community Resource Network Join in supporting the use of dance therapy as a complementary therapy in overall mesothelioma treatment.